We really are here.

It has been twelve days since we left Manitoba with a moving van full of boxes. Despite being very tired for the 1,600km drive and that I didn’t bother to look for the chords for the portable dvd player for the kids to watch movies on the road, we all travelled well. The evening we arrived and unpacked the van there were about fourteen cars in our yard — church families coming to help us unload the truck. I will never forget turning the corner onto the property and being so suprised and overwhelmed by all of the people who came to help us!

You’ll notice that I referred to a moving van full of “boxes”. That’s because the only furniture we moved (having pared down so much for trailer life) was two poang chairs from Ikea, our beds, a few coffee tables, and one set of bedroom furniture. Two things resulted from this: 1) we had to spend a good chunk of time figuring out and buying furniture when we got here (not that we hadn’t spent many hours thinking it all through and visiting furniture stores in Manitoba). Five hours in Ikea last Tuesday, to be exact. But, it was worth it because by the end of that time we had a sofabed for the basement, a kitchen table, two chairs for the living room, and bedroom furniture and a mattress for Marc and I and a whole pile of other things we needed. Well, we bought these things that day. Most of them will be delivered this Thursday.

Which brings me to 2) I did a lot of painting this week. I wanted to paint the kids’ rooms because they actually had furniture, so once they were painted their rooms could actually be finished immediately — unlike every other room in the house which was pretty much furniture-less. That was my project for the long weekend (keep in mind we arrived the Thursday evening before that weekend). However, it was slightly thwarted by the discovery that oil paint was used in the house. But the rooms were all done by Wednesday. My parents arrived on Thursday and we painted the main room and most of the hallway in the basement that evening. (I seriously LOVE Aura paint from Benjamin Moore which can go over oil paint and which is ready for a second coat after an hour!). On Friday my uncle and aunt came up from Calgary (with a beautiful dining room table for us!) and we painted the living room, dining room, and main floor hallway. So a good chunk of the house has now been painted and just in time for our furniture to start arriving.

We also had a Sunday service out at the church camp. (The kids were not too excited to drive an hour to church that Sunday. In Manitoba we drove 45 minutes each way to church and here in Alberta we can see the church from our house… They were not expecting the big drive on our first weekend here.) And yesterday was Marc’s first official Sunday at the church. It was good to be there and I am amazed at how at home we feel with the people. We are all (kids very much included) so excited to be here.

And, finally, yesterday was also Marc’s and my 12th wedding anniversary. My parents suggested we stay in Edmonton over night and I wasn’t about to say no to that, as I know it’s not always going to be easy for us to get away like that. It was very good. We saw the new Meryl Streep movie (yay!), had a very delicious supper at the Keg, relaxed in our hot tub room, and then did a very quick run through of Ikea on our way home this morning to get some other odds and ends that we needed, including the other dresser we needed for our bedroom set. That’s right. Tonight I put clothes away in a dresser! For the first time in three years.

We are definitely adjusting very easily to life in an actual house. Though it did take us a whole week to start using one of the other (FOUR) bathrooms in the house. The space in the house is so great and the yard is huge and pretty amazing, too. Pictures will follow soon. We still don’t have internet. I am currently tethered to Marc’s iPhone or some such technological jargin.

I guess, what I’m really saying is that we are here. We have been working hard. And we feel blessed in many, many ways.

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5 Responses to We really are here.

  1. mandomac says:

    mando_macbeth@yahoo.comi shouldnt keep getting that red jeep in front of ur trailer towed here @prov ? 😉

  2. Toni says:

    Really glad to hear it’s all gone OK and you’re in safe & sound. Hope you can enjoy the new-found space after those years in the mobile.

    Good stuff Dixie.

  3. Bria says:

    So glad to hear that everything went well. I was disappointed to learn that you guys had already moved (I was hoping to say goodbye!) but it sounds as though this summer has been a bit crazy for the both of us. I’d love to see some pictures when you’re all done and settled-in! Good luck with this next adventure 😉

  4. So excited for your family. My first two churches were on the church property and the kids loved it.
    Looking forward to the pics, and now you can spread out and you can find time to balance church, family, and your own needs for romance, physical exercise and developing your own ministry. Very cool.

  5. Maureen says:

    Happy to hear that you’re all happy and well there! Look forward to pictures and mentally trying to plan our first visit!

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