First Days of School

This week the kids started back to school. Madeline and Luke started grade 5 and grade 2 respectively and respectably on Tuesday. This morning Olivia got on the bus with her brother and sister to go for her first day of kindergarten. She was so excited. No need for us to drive her or be with her, she just got on that bus like she’s seen her siblings do for so many years. She’s totally ready, which is great.

And I think I’m ready for the freedom (or at least 4 hours of quiet per day) that comes with having all school aged children. But I will admit that I cried this morning once I saw their little bodies making their way to their seats on the bus.

How is it that I am suddenly no longer the mom of preschoolers? All of those moms’ groups that I never wanted to go to?! Technically I can’t even go to them now!

Yesterday Olivia and I were playing Guess Who? and as I looked at her and thought of the years we’ve had at home together I thought, “I think I’ve done pretty well.” While I haven’t enjoyed every second of life as a stay-at-home mom to my three little ones, I feel like they got attention from me. I don’t have too many regrets about how much time we’ve spent together or the things we’ve done or not done. I may regret some other things about the way I’ve parented (and the way I continue to parent), but not the attention they’ve been given. I did that well. Not too much, not too little. It was good.

There. I said it. And I will continue to remember that. It was good. Those years were good. Not easy. Not perfect. But good.

So, today, as I ponder what it means to have a quiet house everyday for half a day for the next year, I happily remember the memories of these three that are mine who have so quickly turned from babies to school kids…
April to Sept 2012 329

MARCH 2005
April to Sept 2012 327

APRIL 2007
April to Sept 2012 337

So this was our morning, heading out to wait for the bus bright and early at 7:40.

Calling Kitty to follow us:
April to Sept 2012 339

Sisters holding hands:
April to Sept 2012 338

And they’re off:
April to Sept 2012 340

“Bye mom and dad! Thanks for the years you’ve spent devoted to our well-being! We are forever grateful.” (Who am I kidding?! They won’t think that until it’s THEIR kids getting on the bus for kindergarten!)
April to Sept 2012 341

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3 Responses to First Days of School

  1. Maureen says:

    Oh those three faces at the back of the bus would have made me stifle a sob or two! Wonderful times!!

  2. mandomac says:

    sniff sniff i would have totally cried, or stalked the bus and been the creeper spying on the school field or something, you’ve done well young dixiemom, 1/2 is like 4 days to the regular mortal in dixie organization prowess time you shall have a wonderful year! miss you and them muchly, can’t wait to come and visit already!

  3. Peggy Herd says:

    Okay, not to change the subject but Olivia really is a mini-you

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