The Picture That Will Go Down in History

It seems as though Don would like to know more about this place in Alberta that we’ve moved to.

At the beginning of August, Marc started as associate pastor at Malmo Mission Covenant Church, which is a part of our denomination the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. We currently live in a big house (yahoo!) in the middle of farmers’ fields somewhere (I have quite the time giving UPS directions!) in the middle of Wetaskwin, Camrose, and Ponoka, Alberta and are about 20 to 25 minutes from any of those towns. We are about an hour away from Edmonton, the capital city of the province. That means that the kids are on the bus for two hours round trip each day, we are 20 minutes away from milk and fast food fries and an hour away from a good movie theatre, but so far I am surviving being away from the fries and the movies and the kids really like the bus ride.

We actually really love it out here. We like the quietness of life in the country and we have been warmly welcomed and feel very at home in the church. Good things are happening and we are seeing how all of the hard work of seminary is paying off. We are much older and even a bit wiser than we were three years ago at this time. It wasn’t easy and we’ve got some new wrinkles (Marc’s even starting to grey at his temples!) because of it, but it has all been very good in the end. I feel like I’m finally comfortable enough with who I am to do this “pastor’s wife” thing and I am enjoying the many roles I am juggling as I finish up this degree — the end is in sight for that too!

So, Don (this seems to feel like more of a personal letter to you than a blogpost), here is the picture that I think will go down in history. The one that will be in my funeral slideshow. The first one of us as a pastor’s family on our first Sunday at the church here at Malmo. (And also, incidentally, the date of our 12th wedding anniversary.) The five of us, just as we were (and a little tired after unpacking and painting for 7 days straight!), on the start of this new adventure:
malmo first sunday
Many, many  more stories to come, to be sure.

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4 Responses to The Picture That Will Go Down in History

  1. rebekah says:

    LIKE. really. 🙂

    (p.s. Randy would be my pastor. Even now.)

  2. nicole says:

    LOVE this shot 🙂

  3. Love it, keep it coming, why do children always tilt their heads when taking family picutres???

  4. Toni says:

    I’m curious about the pentagram in the church window – how did that get there?

    Nice pic BTW. 😉

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