Fame for Dave

(I post this today not because it is exceptionally well-performed — one take on Marc’s lunch break, after all!– but because of the great joy that I experienced while making it.)

You see, this weekend we celebrated (just a little bit early) Sinterklaas (like Dutch Christmas) with some Dutch folks from the church. We picked names and prepared poems and presents, wrapped in unique ways. We had such a good time — both last night and in the preparation. (The kids rewrote the words to ABBA’s “I Have a Dream” for Marc into “I Have A Beard.” Marc wrote a haiku about hunting. Good times.)

The name I chose was of Luke’s friend Dave. I hadn’t thought much about his poem until one day the inspiration hit: I could rewrite the words to Fame! Fame! Remember Fame?!

I thought through the words a little bit throughout the week, but Thursday night I printed out the original words so I could really work on the rhymes. I got the words just right then I spent some time at the dining room table air drumming (there are two drum beats in the song after all: the basic rock beat and a bit of disco) and then figuring out the intonation in the melody. Air drumming in my pyjamas in the dark by the glow of the laptop. I was quite the sight. But I was having so much fun!

I guess what I realized that night was that I probably should have married Weird Al Yankovic or maybe offered my parody services to Flight of the Conchords. Because, really, this stuff has been in my heart for a long time. In grade 9 I did a parody to the Rankin Family’s Rise Again and I still remember my words:

When my fat rolls on, over and over
And my pants cry
I look to dieting gimmicks
To reduce my thighs
As if Slimfast could change my size

‘Cause as sure as my butt sags
As sure as I squeeze
My flabby gut into my jeans

I’ll diet again with the help of Richard Simmons
I’ll gain it back again with the help of Sara Lee
I’ll gain some more with Kraft and Betty Crocker
And then I’ll diet again

Not bad for 14. And at 33 I don’t know if I really do much better. But it sure was a lot of fun putting together this song for Dave for Sinterklaas night:

(And I will just apologize in advance to my mother-in-law for mispelling Sinterklaas on the video. But I am not that technologically savvy and I didn’t notice it until it was already uploaded!)

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6 Responses to Fame for Dave

  1. nicole says:

    There are simply no words in the English language to express my heartfelt thanks to you for posting this. I have been missing you terribly the last little while and this gave me just the Dixie fix I needed 🙂 Love you, friend! You’re the best 🙂

  2. Jyl says:

    That is, like, eight…nay…NINE different kinds of awesome all rolled into a one minute video. Love love love it.

  3. All I can say is, “Wow!” 🙂

  4. Very cute, very creative, not very dutch!!!!

    OK Dixie, I just bought my first iHome charger and alarm clock, and I want to know how you play the same song every morning as I just bought The Shadow of your wings, and yes, what a great album.
    Do you make a single song playlist when you pop the ipod on each night, or what.

    Rock on,


  5. rebs says:

    You are funny

  6. rebs says:

    I meant that in a good way. you make me smile

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