Because the rest of the year they look like hobos…

Today is Christmas Eve. It is the one day a year when I force the girls to let me do their hair the way I like. (Why, oh why, Fates, did you give the mom who loves wavy hair two girls who love their hair straightened, or even worse: unbrushed and unkempt?!)

Well, there was a bit of compromise… (For example, tonight Madeline really wanted to have spiky hair like Albert Einstein (!!) so we compromised with her up and some hair sticking up at the back). Anyway, enough about the hair… but you gotta know that it gives me a little bit of joy each Christmas to see their hair done the way I like that one time a year — I am resigned to “letting them be themselves” the other 364.5 days.
Christmas Eve 2012

Today was a good day with the kids opening their presents in the morning after having slept around the Christmas tree last night.
The kids are sleeping in the living room tonight!

We had a relaxing day, playing with toys, packing suitcases, making cookies, eating appetizers for supper, etc. Marc gave a good meditation at the Christmas Eve service. The children didn’t drop their candles during Silent Night. And then they howled loudly like cats the entire drive home (luckily it’s about a 30 second drive) and into the house… where it took them a little while to settle down and where Olivia and I communicated about getting her ready for bed in cat language.

She meowed just before for this picture was taken:

Then Luke showed us his Christmas guns:
Luke's Christmas gift to us was two tickets to the gun show.

Then, for posterity, we had to get a picture of the odd sock that Madeline wore to the service tonight:

You see, she received and read a kid-friendly biography of Einstein today and she found out that Einstein didn’t wear matching socks and that he said the following: “It would be a sad situation if the wrapper was better than the meat inside.” (Do I regret giving her this book? Just a little.)

That is true love, right there, letting your daughter wear a crazy sock over her Christmas tights.

Anyway, I have a lot more “Christmas spirit” than I did a few days ago. And I don’t really mind the advent journey into frustration and despair that I had earlier this week. There’s some hope and light and lightness back in the house and in my heart.

So Merry Christmas from the new pastor’s family:
Christmas Eve 2012 family

And the new pastor and his wife:
Merry Christmas from Darc and Mixie.
May you know the blessings and joy of Christmas no matter your circumstances… even if it means looking at it with new eyes.

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3 Responses to Because the rest of the year they look like hobos…

  1. Nicole says:

    Merry Christmas!!! Miss you a whole bunch and it took me a second to realize what had happened in that last shot. I thought you’d gotten new specs and then I realizes Marc had an extra sly grin 🙂 Too fun! Miss Madeline wins my heart over every time with her thinking. Luke is too hilarious in that shot and Olivia’s post-meow shot is stunning. Love you xo

  2. Jobina says:

    Merry Christmas Vander-Clan!

  3. Madeline says:


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