Winter Morning Adventure

We spent a very nice morning outside as a family today. Some fresh air and relaxing fun was just what we needed after kind of a long week. It definitely did me good to be out and enjoying this great land we live on.

I know I haven’t taken the time to post much about the farmyard we’re living on, but we love it. It just feels adventurous to live out here, to have so much space and so many places to explore. We really, really love it. (Did I mention we love it?!) I will show you pictures of the yard from today, but I promise in the next little bit to show you some of the family picture we got around the property back in the fall when there wasn’t 2 feet of snow on the ground…

This is the view from our front yard. That’s the church between the trees at the top of the hill and the parsonage where Randall and Lauralea live is behind it. They are our closest neighbours.

First order of business today was a snow fight:

Then some posing:

And a little more posing:

Tree climbing:

Then what was supposed to be a walk around the whole property turned into a walk around 1/4 of the property, because… well… you see how much snow there is, right?!

But Marc will never be deterred from getting the perfect shot.

So we headed back. By the way, that’s the “guest house” and you’re all welcome to stay there when you come visit. It’s light and airy, mostly because it has no doors and mostly broken windows. (That’s the original house built on the property.)

Then Marc sprinted down the driveway pulling the kids on the sled. (Note Marc and Luke’s matching everything!)

I was quite impressed with 200+ lb Marc pulling almost 200lb of children on the sled. Then 80lb Luke pulled 200+ daddy on the sled… and I was almost speechless.

We headed to the backyard to see if that little bit of hill is enough to toboggan down.

It isn’t. So we went inside for lunch.

Oh. And I was there too. 🙂

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5 Responses to Winter Morning Adventure

  1. Maureen says:

    Looks like a bunch of fun.

    Of course, snow shoes would have made the day even better.


  2. Toni says:


    200lb Marc? I can see he’s growing into the pastoring life. 😉

  3. Margreet says:

    Lovely pictures Dixie en Marc.

  4. Marc says:

    Toni: Dixie’s number of 200+ lbs is actually quite a generous representation of the facts. 🙂

  5. Dixie says:

    Oh and Toni, by “generous” Marc means too little of an estimate. But he really does have a hefty bone structure.

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