A Banner Year

Somehow it is has happened that I have not blogged about any of our kids’ birthdays since we moved. The reason for that “somehow” is, of course, that I have not been blogging at all like I used to… So tonight, as Olivia’s 6th birthday comes to a close, and as she lays here next to me in the bed, almost snoring, and holding onto her new “Bolt” plush toy (her favourite gift of the day)… let me take you back through our “banner year” here in Alberta.

Madeline’s birthday is December 15th. I’d ran into my old French teacher when I was pregnant with Madeline and, when I told her that I was due December 6th, she blurted out, “Well, that’s a dumb time to have a baby!” Really, it took until this year — her 10th birthday — for us to actually be unable to have her birthday party close to the actual day. Pretty good, I’d say! Take that French teacher!

To celebrate on Madeline’s actual birthday, which was a Saturday, we went into the city. Madeline brought along her best friend and we did West Edmonton Mall — we’d given her money to buy a dragon. (If you know me, you’ll know that going to West Ed on the Saturday 10 days before Christmas was actually the biggest gift I gave her. Crowds! Busyness! Keep me away!) Then we went to the Science Centre, went to her friend’s basketball game and then out with her family for supper and dragon cake.
West Edmonton for Madeline's birthday

Madeline’s actual party was about a month later in January and it was lots of fun. I made a dragon egg scavenger hunt through the Land of Vander (our yard), and there was, of course, another dragon cake.
Madeline Birthday Party
And, just like that, we had a 10 year old!

Then on March 11th, Luke turned 8. It was an Angry Birds/Space party. My favourite thing about Luke’s party was the brain-wave I had the morning of the party — life-sized angry birds with the boxes left over from moving! Brilliant. Between my basic idea and Marc’s ingenuity with grabbing some boards and using all of our helmets for the “pigs”, we came up with something pretty great. I think it was as fun for the kids to set it up as knock it down. (Definitely recommend this as an easy/fun party game.)

My second favourite thing was when Marc used the gas stove to light all the sparklers…
Happy birthday, Lucky!

Which brings us to today: Olivia’s 6th birthday. Pinkalicious was the theme and it was great. My mom made pink tutus for the girls and they decorated visors and we had a pink bubblegum blowing contest and a dance party –with Marc (!!)– and a long time of jumping on the trampoline. The party was great.
And my baby is 6 years old. And I am just exhausted enough tonight that I am more than happy that there aren’t any birthdays in our household for eight whole months.

So that was our year. A “banner year” because I made banners for each of the kids — something I’ve never done before. I really liked it. And, Olivia didn’t even notice that her banner didn’t say “Happy Birthday, Fartface” as I’d promised… (I also told her I was going to make it “Olivia loves Meryl Streep.”)

Nope. I liked the banners. And will possibly keep doing them — a cheap and easy way to make their parties unique. As unique as they are.

I love those kiddos.


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4 Responses to A Banner Year

  1. Maureen says:

    That’s funny, I was going to comment “I like the banners idea!” Seems you did too! Great parties, all of them, and great kids too! Soon enough, they won’t be wanting parties and will just want to “hang”, mostly minus parents. After, of course, said parents have given the appropriate gifts, etc. it’s all good, and a joy to watch each one grow into their own person.

  2. Becky says:

    Oh my gosh. You know how I am about party decorations. These are just FAB. ALL OF THEM! I may have to reconsider my usual “Happy Birthday ______!” And those dragons? With the BALLOONS? Seriously. I have no words, except that I’m going to do my darndest to try and talk one of my kids into a dragon party next year.

    All of my kids birthdays are between April 7th and May 19th, just a little over a month, so you can imagine it’s a bit crazy around here. Especially between Hannah and Sam’s, when I have not even two weeks to shift from princesses to ninjagos. Definitely not how I’d have planned it if I’d thought about it… But golly. I love kids’ birthdays. I love a day that’s all about celebrating that particular little miracle that walks around our house every day. I love a day that says to them, “We love you. You matter to us. You are God’s greatest blessing in our lives.”

    Happy. Happy happy birthday. (Maybe I will stick to the “Happy Birthday ______!” after all….)

  3. By the way, I can’t take credit for the dragons on the wall. I found the idea on pinterest and Hillary (the Friesen’s daughter) just happened to be home and helped me. I didn’t have a lot of time and I don’t have a lot of crafty skills. All the credit goes to Hillary!

  4. Nicole says:

    You *know* I love me a good banner 🙂 Well done! What a fun way to wrap up all the fun birthdays! Also – how is it that you’ve not even been gone one whole year and the kids look about 5 years older!?! Miss you sweet friend xo

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