Just One Week

I leave in the morning for the last week-long course I need to do for this degree. I am so glad for that. I’m glad I get to go to Manitoba to do it. And I’m glad that it’s worked out to see a pile of different friends over the course of the eight days I’m away.

But, more than that, I will be so glad when this week is OVER!

It’s not just about the school stuff either. (Although having only 2 more courses left after doing 18 is pretty exciting.) Really, it’s about being back home again. For some reason life just gets very complicated when I’m away. The first time I took a week long modular away from home, Olivia had burnt her arm days before and so Marc had to take all three kids to the ER every night for it to be redressed. I’m pretty sure Luke the next time I was gone. And then this past spring Olivia threw up within hours of my arrival in Calgary for class. I told Marc I’d turn around and come home, but he said to stay. And so I did and got messages throughout the week about how things were going at home. Things like, “Don’t panic, but Olivia just threw up all over the new couch.”

Marc does great with them. Truly. But, the kids have a knack for getting sick, or there’s something extra on the calendar, or they have a day off school that week (when there hasn’t been a day off school in weeks) when I need to be away!

I sure hope this last week goes okay. One of Marc’s meetings has been postponed and replaced by another meeting which is going to be at our house. His Friday activity might be cancelled, meaning we might not have to arrange playdates for the kids because (of course) they’re off school on Friday.

But what I’m trying not to worry about right now is the sickness. My kids haven’t been sick in weeks. Which is remarkable for our family — especially with my little asthma boy, Luke.


Today after school Olivia said that she had a headache all day and was so tired at school she was almost crying. Yesterday Madeline said her throat was sore when she swallowed and she was coughing. (Strangely, her throat started to feel better when I told her we probably shouldn’t buy her a slurpee if she’s getting sick.)Luke was the only one without symptoms.

Except that it has taken him over 1.5 hours to fall asleep tonight. Even after I got the kids in bed extra early because we all need to be out the door at 7am to get me to my flight tomorrow. He was all tucked in and good to go and a while later he started crying (like sobbing/heaving crying) about how much he would miss me this week. I laid down with him and calmed him down and he was settled again. But he was still awake and then he came out not too long ago and said he couldn’t sleep. So I gave him a melatonin and sent him back to bed.

I really did so well tonight. I was patient and caring. I even FELT patient and caring on the INSIDE. Rather than what I often experience of being mad on the inside but force myself to appear calm to the kids.

But I fear — with each sniff I still hear in Luke’s room — that I might start to unravel because this week might unravel. Every time Luke stays up even the littlest bit late his asthma acts up and he coughs and coughs. Sometimes it leads to sickness. Sometimes (if we can get him to bed early enough for the following days) it goes away.

But tonight it’s now a late night instead of an early night for him, and it’s an early morning.

And I would SO love for this week to go by like the past month has gone by with no sickness and little stress and everyone doing their things and going where they need to go. That would be really nice. Just for this one last week. But maybe that’s a lot to ask when one of the caregivers is two provinces away…

Anyway… We shall see what the morning brings. For now I am glad that Luke appears to be sleeping and that the snow has stopped falling. And tonight I pray for health and safety for me and my little family for this one week. This one last week.

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  1. Maureen Dynna says:

    Saying a quick prayer for the Vanders as routine is broken for the next week. Soon, you will be bursting home with memories and tales – and they’ll have some to share, too. Pray all will be well. Go and enjoy.

  2. […] I did not get the illness-free week that I’d hoped for. But everyone seems to be doing fine […]

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