Manitoba in Three Parts

I may have spent more time planning coffee dates than reading my textbook… but in the end it was the better choice (and the test is only on the first four chapters of the textbook which is exactly what I read!)

I have come there and back again. There being Manitoba. Back again being the snowy, snowy province of Alberta and the little bit of land in the country we call home. I had such a good time in class. It was a class on psychological testing and assessment and when the teacher asked what our anxiety level was over the course (especially the statistics portion of the course), I answered honestly:

I have no anxiety because I still don’t think there’s any reason for me to know this stuff. Other people know it and that’s fine with me. And I’m hoping by the time I become anxious about the stats portion of the class that Iwill already know how to do it and just bypass the anxiety altogether.

Sometimes this ability to repress my feelings and direct them towards external sources comes in handy…

And, like most good things in life, I stuck my foot fully in my mouth and I absolutely loved the content of the course, especially the statistical analysis part, and I  now see just how useful this will all be in my practice. So there. Now that my foot is no longer in my mouth, I can tell you that the class was excellent and I learned so much and look forward to adding all that I’ve learned to my counselling work.

So that was the main reason I went to Manitoba. But the added bonus was being able to see old friends. How many different coffee dates/different sets of friends did I plan to see during my 7 day trip to Manitoba?


How many did I end up doing?


I am so glad that, even though a snow storm prevented me from making my original flight, my plans didn’t have to change too, too much (besides too little time with Heather P! and a few faces missing at Faith). This is quite remarkable when you consider that I brought the snow with me to Manitoba.

And it was so good to see old friends. And to connect. To really connect. It was nice to know that after a year and a bit, we can still have good and true and deep conversations, even over a short lunch hour. The connection was really good for me. Life-giving and good.

Reason #2 for going to Manitoba.

The other reason I went was for the sanity of my family. I have a pile of counselling hours to get through before I graduate in April. But I also have two (hooray for only two!) more classes to take. I could’ve taken this same course in Calgary in March but I knew that because I’ve had a slow start with my counselling hours that I’ll be making up for it in the winter. Thus, it would’ve been too much to cram another course in to an already busy semester.

So off I went last Saturday thinking a little bit, but not too much of Olivia’s slightly sore-sounding throat. I got her to gargle a few times before I left and we threw some vitamin C at her. But I wasn’t expecting to wake up Wednesday morning to one side of her face being swollen! Well, technically, I only saw it through pictures via text message that Marc was sending me… But I was getting him the Alberta Healthlinks # and advising him on what to do while my class was going on. Long story (and a trip to the walk-in clinic, the ER, a snowstorm, and another trip to the doctor) short, she has strep. Which showed symptoms on her poor, puffy face. Poor, poor girl. What a scare it gave us too! Marc woke me up with a text Thursday night (technically Friday morning) wondering if he should take her back to the ER (in the snow storm) because the other side of her face had suddenly swelled up…

Luckily, Olivia wasn’t feeling sick (just looking awful!) and Marc was still able to do youth and could work from home Thursday and had already planned to use up a holiday day when the kids were off on Friday.

So I did not get the illness-free week that I’d hoped for. But everyone seems to be doing fine now.

And, except for the Livia stress, it was a wonderful week away. I feel like I have grown in many ways and I actually feel a new measure of peace — can’t quite put my finger on what or how. My way of being in the world just seems a little easier and lighter (despite the poutine, cheesecake, and other must-have Manitoba foods consumed this week).

Things are very good.

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4 Responses to Manitoba in Three Parts

  1. Nicole says:

    It was *so* good to see you and while it would have been nice to have had the trifecta with you and Heather – I am not one to scoff at any amount of time with friends – so thanks for making space in your very busy week for me! xo

  2. rebs says:

    Glad you were able to connect with friends. I have been reflecting lots about when I will start to work on my MA again and feel a bit overwhelmed with how it will all work doing it distance ed and also I just plain don’t like writing papers, etc but the degree I want. Glad you only have 2 classes left! How many yrs did you get it all done in?

  3. Angela says:

    I’m so glad that your course was worthwhile. I had such a poor experience in my class (very inexperienced instructor) but I certainly do wish that it had been better because I would like to be more confident with the psychometric aspect of the work. Sounds like you are on the home stretch now — keep strong 🙂

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